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Baseball photo – 1924 Guy Morton Indianapolis Indians


Sometimes a simple photo can tell more than 1,000 words.

“This is one of the three pitchers (sic) they took of me he give me this one and sent the other two in to the paper the Indianapolis Buffalo..’


“Donie Bush calls me Mully.”

No doubt from the message on the reverse, this photo was a gift from a newspaper photographer and was most likely sent home to the players family. It was a chance to say look at me, I’m making it and I’m doing ok. A glimpse into the personal side of baseball during the roaring 20s.

Sometimes baseball photos will sit in my collection for years waiting for research. This particular photo was acquired many years ago and I once did a cursory search for players with the known moniker “Mully.” Nothing.

I knew from the “Indians” on his jersey, the mention of Donie Bush and the mention of Indianapolis on the reverse, this player had to be a member of the Indianapolis Indians circa 1920s. Former MLB’er Donie Bush was manager of the Indians for several seasons.

The photo went back into the collection again for years. A few days ago, I ran across the image again and decided to try searching again. After cross-referencing rosters and players images, I narrowed the image to the 1924 season. The player turned out to be Guy Morton.




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Chattanooga Lookouts photo from spring training 1952


From the collection today is a photo originally from the collection of manager Cal Ermer. The photo features former MLB player Rip Collins, manager Cal Ermer and Washington Senators manager Bucky Harris. The photo was taken in Florida in the spring of 1952.

The Chattanooga Lookouts were the top farm team of the Washington Senators and held their spring camps close to each other.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won the Southern Association championship in 1952.




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Vintage smoking ballplayer of the day


From the photo collection, a picture of Maurice “Sparky Joe” Partain.

Maurice was standing in front of the team bus on August 6, 1950 enjoying an after game smoke before boarding the Jackson Generals bus.

The Generals were members of the defunct “Kitty” League (Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League).

Candid vintage photos such as this one give us a glimpse of life in the minor leagues. Luckily for us, the photographer recorded a great deal of info on the backs of these photos, including his hometown at the time of Nashville.

I will be sharing more vintage baseball photos like this in upcoming posts.




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