Counterfeit Alert – 1965 Topps Pete Rose

Not the rarest of cards, but for whatever reason, I have been seeing more and more of these ’65 fakes lately. Specifically the Rose, Mantle and Mays.

Here we have a copy of the Rose card:



Overall, the color is not quite right. The back color is off from the original color. The surface has a gloss that just isn’t right. It is too slick to the touch. The stock is incorrect as well. Nut the giveaway here is the print quality. This is a professionally printed fake and not a homemade job like so many we see. The problem is, the person(s) that created this fake, simply re-screened an entire image from an authentic card. This causes areas of a card that would be solid ink to be made up of print dots. An example would be the solid black line around the team flag and “PETE”:


Notice how these are not solid. Areas of a card such as black borders are a good place to start when judging the authenticity of vintage cards. It is a good idea to learn what areas and devices of a card are normally solid ink and what are composed of print dots.





Signed copies now available!



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