About Andy

Andy Broome bought his first pack of baseball cards at a gag station in 1983. He began collecting pre-war cigarette cards at his first card show in 1989.

He grew up collecting and studying cards which lead to his primary career in the grading and authentication of trading cards. Growing up he was an avid reader of comics, especially the Far Side and cartoons in the New Yorker, which lead to his “second career” as a cartoonist.

He is currently the Senior Vintage Card Grader with Beckett Grading Services (BGS) and has served in that position since 2004. He is recognized as a respected expert in the industry.

Andy has been a consultant for the PBS program Antiques Roadshow and has been featured on the Fox Sports series Amazing Sports Stories.

He has authored numerous articles such publications as Beckett Baseball Monthly and online at Beckett.com. He is the author of the novella Her curves were too much for them and his collection of collecting themed cartoons titled Collecting the Collector. His cartoons have been published in such magazines as Harvard Business Review.

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