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Jackie Mitchell strikes out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

Her story has been told for over 80 years but not everyone knows the whole story. There are bits and pieces that have been passed down and meshed into the story you think you know.


He curves were too much for them is based on the true story of Jackie Mitchell, the 18 year-old woman that signed a professional baseball contract in 1931. Her first and only appearance on the mound for the Chattanooga Lookouts was against the feared New York Yankees. On April 2nd, 1931 (the game was scheduled for April Fools Day) Jackie and the Lookouts went to battle again the Yankees in Engel Stadium. Jackie went in during the first inning. The first batter she faced was the Mighty Babe Ruth.

Jackie went on to not only strike out Babe Ruth but also Lou Gehrig. A story quickly spread that baseball commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis got word about this unbelievable feat and voided Jackie’s contract immediately and banned all women from organized baseball.  The truth is, it simply did not happen.

Landis knew all about Jackie before April 2nd and women weren’t banned from baseball until many years later.

April 2nd, 1931 wasn’t the end of Jackie’s story, nor was it the beginning. What did happen that led up to this extraordinary and historic baseball event? Was it all a gimmick orchestrated by Lookouts president and the “P.T. Barnum of the Bush Leagues” Joe Engel?

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Jackie Mitchell, the girl that struck out Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig


She was just 18 when she faced the Sultan of Swat and The Iron Horse in the spring of 1931.

In March of 1931 Jackie Mitchell signed a contract to pitch for the Chattanooga Lookouts, the top farm team of the Washington Senators. Her first task on the mound was to face the mighty New York Yankees on April 1st, 1931.


As if the heavens were trying to help her show the world this was no stunt, the April Fools day game was rained out and postponed until the next day.

Would this 18 year old girl have what it takes to face down two of the biggest superstars in baseball history? Was this all a well planned stunt by none other than the “P.T. Barnum of the Bush Leagues” and Lookouts president Joe Engel?

Would her curves be too much for them?


Her Curves were too much for them

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