Calvin Coolidge "Cal " Ermer

Cal was born November 10, 1923, in Baltimore, Maryland. Cal managed the Lookouts from 1952 to 1957. Cal passed in August 2009.


Cal playing baseball in the Army

Cal playing baseball in the Army
Cal in the Army
Cal in the Army
1962 Topps negative
Rare original negative from Topps gum. This would have been Cal's 1962 Topps card.
1968 Topps
1968 Topps Cal Ermer
Lookouts Legends Cal Ermer
Lookouts Legend Cal Ermer
 Cal Ermer 1961 Richmond
Cal in his 1961 Richmond Virginians uniform. Richmond was the top Yankees farm team in 1961
1952 Lookouts

Post card featuring the 1952 Champions of the Southern League. This post card was mailed by manager Cal Ermer from the Winter Gardens, FL spring training camp.





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