Her Curves Were Too Much For Them

A novella by Andy Broome


Who is Jackie Mitchell?

Some common questions I get about Jackie....

Q: Is Jackie still alive?
A: No, Jackie passed away in 1987.

Q: Did Jackie ever play in the Girl All-American Professional Baseball League?
A: No, she was approached by the league to play but she turned them down. At that time, Jackie was already older than the average girl playing in the Girls League.

Q: Did Jackie really play for the House of David team, the guys that wear long beards?
A: Yes! Jackie did play for the House of David. While non-members were not required to have the beard (which was a good thing for Jackie), she did don a fake beard as a publicity stunt.

Q: Did Jackie have any brothers or sisters?
A: Jackie had a younger sister, Josephine.

Q: Was Jackie ever married?
A: Yes, Jackie married in her 50s. Her husband passed away in 1974. She never remarried.

Q: Does Jackie have a baseball card?
A: Yes! After 78 years, Jackie was honored with her very own baseball card. Read here on this page about her new card and see what it looks like.

Q: Did Jackie sign many autographs?
A: I am a big collector of all things Lookouts and Jackie. While I have autographs of nearly everyone on the 1931 Lookouts and Yankees teams, I can tell you Jackie's signature is one of
    the hardest to obtain. I only have one example of her signature in my collection. I have seen less than six examples in person. No doubt she signed quite a few autographs in her time,
    the question is how many survived. Remember, at one time Jackie recieved fan mail addressed only to "The girl that struck out Babe Ruth."

And the question I get the most.......

Q: Did Jackie really strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig?
A: Since the main people who could tell us are long gone (Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe Engel, not that Joe would "shoot us straight" anyways), we will never know 100%.
    I encourage you to read the book and decide for yourself! Email me and tell me what you think!
    I always tell people when they ask that when I was researching the material for the book, I went back and forth between believing she really did it and it all being another one
    of Joe's stunts.

What do I think now?..............

Do you have a question about Jackie? Email me!   info (at) jackiemitchell.net.
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