Memories of Engel Stadium


Remember hearing "They cut down the old pine tree" during the 7th inning stretch?

Remember the radio yelling "There she goes Mrs. Murphy" when a ball cleared the wall at Engel?

Read through the names listed in our Legends of Engel page. Recognize a few from your childhood? Remember living down the street from one of those names?

Please send us your memories about Engel Stadium. We will be publishing those thoughts and memories here on this page.

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Hillis Layne - 3B for the Chattanooga Lookouts 1940-41, 46

SES: What is your fondest memory of playing in Engel Stadium?

HL: "One of my greatest memories was playing in Engel Stadium which I consider my favorite stadium along with Yankees Stadium."

SES: Do you remember the song "They cut down the old pine tree"?

HL: "Yes, I remember the song and the fans singing it which was so inspiring to us as players and also to the fans."

SES: What is your favorite piece of memorabilia you kept?

HL: "The bat I hit a home run with in Yankees Stadium in 1945."

SES: Do you have any other memories you would liek to share?

HL: "I hit 51 out of 52 games safely in 1946 with the Lookouts in a 154 game schedule."


Tony Roig - 2B for the Chattanooga Lookouts 1950, 53-55, 57

SES: What do you remember about he fans in Chattanooga?

TR: "I only have fond memories of the support we were given i nthe years I played there. People treated us great."

Gene Verble - Shortstop for the Chattanooga Lookouts 1952-54

SES: What is your fondest memory of playing in Engel Stadium?

GV: "Winning the championship in 1952"


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