Counterfiet Alert – 1954 Topps Hank Aaron RC

’54 Topps cards, to me, is still un undervalued set. Condition issues plague this set such as centering. With key HoF’er rookie cards such as Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks and Al Kaline, it is surprising there aren’t more fakes seen on a daily basis.

The card we have here in todays post is a decent looking Aaron RC fake. At first glance, it appears to be an authentic card, even the wear looks pretty natural.


It was the light test that caught this card quickly. Holding the card at an angle that would reflect the light from a strong light source, the blue ink of the hat appeared purple and reflective. Think of the ink of a sharpie. When a strong light is reflected off of the ink of a Sharpie, it appears purple and shiny. An authentic card should reflect the gloss of the card and not the ink.


When we get closer to this card, we can see the ink is not quite right. Notice how the lettering in “HENRY” is not well defined. There are also stray blue dots throughout the yellow letters.


Again, same problems here in the team logo. The yellow field also has the blue dots all throughout the yellow. What I couldn’t get to show up in a picture are the spray of tiny blue dots all throughout.

Lastly, we have the card in front of a strong light source:


As we can see, the light passes through the thin stock of the fake card. An authentic card will not allow light to pass through like in the photo above.





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