Counterfeit Alert – 1967 Topps Tom Seaver RC

In the world of counterfeit trading cards, this card is an oldie. First time I saw this example, Reagan was in office.

For the most part, it is a fairly well printed fake. Crisp colors and a stock that isn’t so far off from the original. In fact, if you just glanced at this card in a display case or online, it will probably look like a pretty high grade example of a key rookie card.


Having the card in hand, you can see that the stock is not exact. It has a different feel than an original. The back is too bright. The edges reveal the stock that is not like 1960s Topps stock. But the smoking gun here on this card lies in the printed signatures.


Notice the “halo” effect under the signature. On a real card, the signatures are bold, solid ink, not made up of print dots. For whatever reason, the counterfeiters got nearly everything else right in the printing except for these signatures. The re-screening of the images left an overspray of dots.



Signed copies now available!



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